About Us
Simple Web Design on line is a product of our company - Bibi Ventures Ltd.

Website solution; This product was created as a solution to the problem of small business men,women,small businesses and companies that wanted to be on the internet but did not have the knowledge or time to create a simple website for themselves AND especially wanted to keep a low budget for the project.

Simple, Quick & Cheap customization: Bibi Ventures Ltd uses simple web site design solutions to create basic 5 page websites.We customize the basic design solutions to meet each clients taste and business needs,add all the important information and pictures of the client and get the client up on the internet in a very short time.

Quarterly Updates; Clients can also keep the information and pictures on their website current and fresh as Bibi Ventures Ltd will also obtain new information from the client and update the information on the clients website every quarter.

Result oriented: We make it cheap,fast and easy for any business,company or any one to have and maintain a simple website on line.